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Service is poor.I returned my product and they refuse to issue a refund for the $49.91 I was charged.(In my world that is THEFT!) RIP OFF COMPANY.

Was supposed to be a risk free trial. I was charged initially 49.91 then 43.00 then 22.00. Had to go through deactivating my card at bank to get them to stop.

Customer service claims that because I filed a dispute through my bank after returning product then waiting for them to do the right thing to issue refund they will not issue one.Filing a BBB complaint today.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $50.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Known for the shame crooks you are.Ni ma'am you are sadly mistaken and making excuses I have ky bank statements which I will happily provide that shows I was not issued a refund.

Waiting 2 weeks should have been sufficient time sine you immediately can take funds from a customer before they even receive product. Your company STOLE $49.91 from me and as I said I have nothing to hide I have my hank statements and my post office return mailing to provide to the BBB. I returned your product as I wad not happy with it. After being told during a complaint that I was not getting a refund I filed the dispute with my bank.

This is not over. I will ensure that your company us known for the crooks you are. False advertising poor customer service etc. This is far from over because you're failing to do the right thing and return my money.

I have a letter from the bank that shows that the did not issue me a refund. I am an investigator maybe you should investigate your one practices.Thid is not going away until I have my money IN FULl. I have everything to provide for my BBB complaint and from the looks if what I read I am not the only person experiencing this.

Karma baby.

to Anonymous #880701


We did not steal at all unfortunately,you went to your bank before contacting us to see if we would at least work with you in refunding first which we would have to better accommodate you with no problem. You have a letter from your bank stating that you lost the dispute because our charges are valid. It states online that the refund is for the purchase price.The 43.00 payments are the purchase payments which is why that was refunded back to you.I really wish there was something we could do at this point but your bank was involved by you.The Terms and Conditions you agreed to online states that you are paying to try the product and the additional polish ordered is non-refundable.I'm sorry you will be disappointed as that is not what we intend to do at Haute Polish.It is very important to know the damage a dispute with a company may bring as we could have accommodated you if the bank was never involved.

to LuminessAir Ventura, California, United States #882342

Just reading post, it seems you could've still stood behind yr product & made sure the customer was ultimately taken care of w/ a refund ;it's in yr best interest too for reviews & word of mouth.(I see yr side(very expensive) since you have lots of complaints-I think it's still worth it....

Playing it this way just cost you my order.

I'm just 1 order I know...But we start adding up...

to LuminessAir South Carolina, United States #884401

Terrible answer.I am listening to infomercial now.

I suspected that the price was a scam because I do my own gel nails. I bought several good and a couple bad brands. If a cost is too good to be true then it probably is. You really are not cheaper and the complaints are countless and very similar.

Worst? The company excuses. I would apply to help with customers service and public responses to customers who believe that they were robbed or mislead. During the infomercial, I hear nothing about additional fees.

Explain? Funny... the infomercial actually states that it is a steal. Did you know that?

Ladies listen carefully and review everything.


Hi Tina,

I can certainly understand your frustration however, You did dispute all charges with your credit card company before you gave us a chance to process your return in and refund on your account.The bank refunded you already and you lost the dispute making the charges stick as you did place the order and the Terms and Conditions were fully disclosed. Unfortunately,when a dispute is done we are unable to refund as your bank already has.The honest thing to do would have been to contact us to see how long the refund would take instead, you made us unable to refund with the dispute.The BBB is very much aware of company disputes and I deeply apologize for this happening.

to LuminessAir #879755

So what exactly is the waiting time for a refund from a returned trial offer?Curious because the money comes out instantly & as the bank states, (and I used to work in the AHC dept) a credit is instant also.

The time depends upon the time the company takes to initiate it.

So, what DID you do to satisfy Tina?It really make a difference as to whether or not our business uses your product.

to Panda_Nails #884962

Thank you all for your support in my complaint.To date the company has done nothing to refund my money.

I was unhappy and returned the system because the colors were noting like shown the instructions said you may have to apply several coats , I followed the instructions but the polish was not quality product. I returned the product at my own expense because the company did not do that either. Do basically this company expects us to "trust" them from the start with the inital charge, send out shotty product , then they charge us again on the date it ships out to us, we return it call 3 times about the refund then we file a dispute with the bank will say they have completed their investigation and since I did in fact place the order I should contact the retailer for my refund , so I do that and claim that since I filed a dispute they could not issue me a refund claiming that the bank had issued my refund. Ummm sorry but I trust my bank and I have my statements there has been no refund.

So there really is no risk- free trial here. They have their product back and my money too. So sad they don't have an actual quality product to offer and extremely poor customer service so they could make thier money honestly like the hard working people who they Steal from. :( I'm so sorry for the other people going through this same thing.

I did file my BBB dispute so I'm waiting to hear back from...

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to tbridges #886552

Wow this is crazy!I was just about to order until I came across this page!

thank you all for your inputs!I will shop some place else!

to LuminessAir #879865

I will be posting my complaints to EVERY site that allows reviews if your company.My bank did not refund my money as you stated.

e honest thing for you to do is refund my money since I returned the product. Yiu are the one not being honest. I hope you bought yourself something nice with the money you STOLE from me..

I will continue to post my experience and during my reviews of this, the BBB site and others this is how you make your money off of a shotty product.

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